Your dog can heal you

Your dog can heal you

Dogs help to get out of depression. Walking with them reduce the level of triglycerides and cholesterol. Dogs improve mood and calm. They are great companions for a single person. These pets work with us, and even heal. However, if you intend to get a dog, think carefully whether you really handle the duties.

Who had a pleasure to deal with a dog most likely felt this incredible energy which he gives us. Pet enjoys, when we come back, regardless if we had a good or bad day. He always has time for us and accepts any change in our live or appearance. Instead, it needs only our proximity – without it, he goes wild.

The need for friendship when you have depression is as important as the need to breathe. How often fail here your closest friends – how often depression effectively smashing to pieces something what seemed to be a true love.

Mareike Doll-Degenhard has been training Australian Shepherds for 10 years for therapeutic purposes. Eight dog pupils are currently taking part in the world’s first research devoted to mental illness. The psychiatric clinic in Marienheide in Bavaria a number of tests are currently carried out, designed to demonstrate the therapeutic influence of dogs on people with mental health problems. “Australian Shepherds are extremely sensitive and very human-oriented,” explains dog trainer Mareike Doll-Degenhard. Therefore, this breed is particularly suitable for this type of experiments.

Contact with pets allows the patient to better recognize their own behavior. Lack of the dog’s reaction on incentives to play, means for example, that his owner misunderstands his mood and should change the way of proceedings to an animal.

More and more nursing homes and children’s homes and other care facilities, are assisted by dogs. Researchers noticed from the observations that their presence can alleviate stressful situations, anxiety, restores a sense of self-confidence, lowers blood pressure and relieves pain.

A group of 15 patients of Dr. Sobottki in addition to routine treatment receives a special dog therapy. For four weeks, the patient is exposed to the same pet. Then, every evening he fills the questionnaire. Based on that psychiatrist can examine the impact of contact with the animal on the mental state of the patient.

Dog trainer – Mareike Doll-Degenhard works with each patient individually. Often, she must first pull the patient out of the numbness. Most often this happens at the first contact with the dog. Many patients, playing with a four-legged partner, forget about their ailments. The results of the experiment will be published in six months. Already, however, we can say that the presence of dogs works on the patient very well. If the clinic of Marienheide manages to prove it scientifically, it will shorten the traditional therapy. However, the implementation of the model of “dog prescription,” we will have to wait a bit.

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