Mouse Care Guide

Mouse Care Guide

Mice are tiny, inquisitive creatures. They are small, pocket-sized rodents that are a popular pet. They are very delicate and fragile and need to be taken great care of. Mice have been bred for more than fifteen hundred years as a pet. They are docile creatures and interact very well with humans. Now the question arises, how can you keep a mouse happy? Well, there certain things that should be borne in mind to keep proper care of your mouse.


Commercial mouse food is rare to find, so the owner should plan a healthy nutritious diet. Mice may eat more than you expect, so the diet should be carefully monitored. Mice get dehydrated very easily, so it is mandatory to install a drip bottle in its cage. Chewable toys are also vital to wear off their teeth and prevent them from overgrowing.


While some owners like to boast about their chubby mouse pet, the reality is the stark opposite because this is not something to be proud of. In fact, an obese mouse is prone to diabetes and may die an untimely death. Exercise is a necessity for mice and keeps them happy and healthy. Installing an exercise ball does the trick and keeps the mouse busy too.

Home Environment

There is a very famous saying: Home is where your heart is, so it is vital for the owner to make its home equipped with everything it needs and to provide a stress-free environment. Pets and small children should be kept away from the mouse because it gets frightened very easily. Direct sunlight exposure should also be avoided at all times because it could lead to a fatal death.


To make the mouse accustomed to the owner and make the bond strong, training is required. The owner should train it well and make the mouse accustomed to him so that it becomes friendly with him and regards him as his best friend. In this way, the mouse and owner can both play and get along well with each other.

Study the mouse’s behavior

Introducing opposite-gender mice to each other can prove fatal because disputes might erupt between them and they might injure each other. Females can be kept together and tend to live in harmony, while males fight over territory. So it is preferable to keep separate mice or females together for a beginner.

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