Hamster’s Anxiety

When we think about mental illnesses we have in mind mostly human’s bad mood. However, these problems also affect animals. Anxiety, fear and chronic nervousness, are popular among hamsters, and may harm your pet significantly. Understanding the signs of mental problems is the key to preventing your hamster from living a tough and stressful life.


Anxiety is characterized by a feeling of worry, nervousness or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. Researchers from Washington found that hamsters suffer from depression and anxiety during long winter days, same as some humans do. Participants who take part of this study were 53 female and 48 male Siberian hamsters.

How to recognize bad mental health of your hamster? There are a few signs you have to look at. Hamster which is scared spends more time near the wall of the cage – he feels more protected. They can bite and behave aggressively. Also watch out when your hamster stop eating as much as always. Anxiety is mostly caused by not enough light, but there are a lot more possible reasons. Everything that makes your little pet nervous, so for instance, your barking dog, or even worse hunting cat. Lack of social contact and exercises also may cause psychical problems.

What you can do about this? Make sure that your hamster has enough space in the cage with plenty of accessories to play with. It is important to make him feel secure by speaking to him using calm and quiet voice. Put his cage in a quiet, worm and bright place. Good hamster cage should be wire to keep proper contact with your furry rodent, forget about all glass or plastic cages. They can make your hamster kind of autistic because they limit his contact with the environment.